About 62% of all businesses in the US have under five employees, and 76% of those small business owners consider marketing to be a major challenge. Most small business owners are hard-pressed to find either time or personnel, making it tough for them to dedicate resources to marketing. However, it’s also true that social media has been identified as a potent marketing channel for businesses of all sizes and the need to be present on social is stronger now than ever before.

With handy mobile apps, small business owners and social media marketers can manage social media marketing without much effort. Here is a list of a few extremely useful apps to simplify your social media marketing efforts.


lastpass-appLastPass means last password, or the last password that someone using the app will ever need to recall, because the app stores passwords and lets users access their accounts without having to type them every single time. As a business owner, you may use multiple apps and websites that requires you to remember multiple passwords. So many of my clients have trouble with this common trouble-maker. Many of you will resort to using similar or the same password for multiple sites or programs. If you listen to the news, you’ve already heard how vunerable this can leave you. LastPass is a great way to save the time wasted on logging in and out of multiple accounts.

LastPass has a mobile version with complete features that integrates its web app, so you can create new accounts on your desktop and access them on your mobile device with ease. You do this by creating a LastPass account, downloading the app on all your devices and logging into the app on each of them. Once you have, LastPass will store passwords across your devices and allow you convenient access from all of them. It works seamlessly with your Chrome browser too.

LastPass is available as a web app and mobile app for Android and iOS devices.


pixiz-appAbout 500 million tweets are sent out each day, and for your content to standout and catch your followers’ attention, you need eye-catching images.

Pixiz is a simple graphic editing software that lets you create images for social media in a short span of time. You begin by installing the app and creating an account. Then you can choose from a list of potential images & canvas sizes depending on which social media platform you intend to post your content on. The software has a collection of stock images and basic templates that you can work with. You can choose an image for your background and add text or an overlay with ease. You can also choose from a host of interesting fonts and coloring options to make your image more engaging. The editing options are very simple and intuitive. Create an engaging social media graphic in a flash, it’s that simple. Considering that the stock photos on the app look great, you don’t need to be a great designer to create graphics on the app. But if you’re like me, you’ve got tons of images that you’ve scraped together just for this!

images-on-clipboards-pixizOne you’ve created the image, you can either save it on your phone for later or directly share from the app to your social media accounts.

Pixiz is available as a web app and mobile app for Android and iOS devices.



quora-appSome of the best marketing tactics that I have come across have been on Quora. The Q&A community has over 100 million active users and is just the right place to find useful information that you can use to amp-up your social media marketing efforts. The best part about Quora is that people share their actual experience, and the answers (the good ones) are very specific and usually actionable. Once you have viewed a few questions on a topic or submitted some of your own, the app intuitively begins to display Q&As related to your interests on your feed.

You can also use Quora to answer questions and build your influence in your industry. In other words, you can be your company’s influencer. To find the right questions, you need to state your area of expertise in your profile details. Once you have, the app will find and deliver questions in that area right to you. It is good to put some effort into making your answers precise and useful. Doing that will earn you “up-votes” and followers on Quora. Where relevant, you can suggest your product/service to people who are seeking them and in the process earn visibility fro your company. Make yourself the “Expert” on Quora!

Quora is available as a web app and mobile app for Android and iOS devices.


brand24-appOne of the ways to destroy you social media brand, is by miscalculating it. Your brand is what people say it is, and unless you are monitoring their words closely, you are miscalculating your brand.

Your audience will talk about your brand whether you want them to or not, and there is very little that you can do to control everything that they say. The best way to manage your brand name, is by monitoring it and responding swiftly. Social media marketing tools like Brand24 help with that process. You can set up “Projects” on Brand24, each with one keyword/theme that you want to monitor. The obvious keyword to monitor is your brand name. Once you have created that project, the tool will alert you of mentions as they happen, or on a daily or weekly report. The real-time alerts that the tool offers are useful because you can thank people for positive mentions and attend to the negative ones before they cause any real damage. Brand24 also has a sentiment analysis feature that sorts mentions based on the emotions associated with them, so you can deal with the more pressing ones first. The free or Demo version allows you up to 5 keywords.

Brand24 is available as a web app and mobile app for Android and iOS devices.


ifttt-appMost small business marketers can’t set aside the time necessary to create content for multiple social media platforms. IFTTT can help bridge that gap.

IFTTT stands for “If this, then that”. It is an app that allows you to create “recipes” for automated content posting. For instance, you can instruct the app to post your Facebook statuses to Twitter, or send you an email each time your favorite publication posts something. There are quite a few diverse recipes on the app that integrate different social media apps and tools. You can create a set of recipes to cover your content marketing efforts on social media or choose from a huge collection available from it’s many users.

You begin by choosing a “Trigger channel”, a “Trigger action” and an “Action channel”. Then you’ll need to fill out the trigger details to make you recipe specific. Say your trigger channel is Twitter, you trigger action could be “New mention of you” and your action channel can be email. So when someone mentions you on Twitter, you will get an email. Several social media marketers have listed their recipes in articles. All you have to do is find such articles on a top publication sites, and copy the recipes to the dot, and you’ll instantly and effortlessly have a powerful social media marketing plan.

IFTTT is available as a web app and mobile app for Android and iOS devices.


mailchimp-appIf you have client/subscriber email addresses stored on a CRM or excel sheet, you can upload them on MailChimp to create an automated email campaign. Email campaigns can help nurture new leads and prompt existing customers to reorder.

MailChimp’s email marketing software is all cloud-based and comes with pre-designed templates and a drag and drop editor that makes creating emails easy. After you have created your email campaign you can schedule it to go out to the email list that you have uploaded. You can also use the app to segment your email list and target customers with content targeted at them. The software also offers analytics to track the effectiveness of your campaign. Best of all, it’s free to send to up to 1000 email addresses. You can create as many lists as you need: one for customers, one for potential customers, one for friends, and so on.

MailChimp’s mobile app is useful in managing your email lists and campaigns on the go. You can set up the campaigns on your desktop and then monitor them conveniently from your mobile device. Start you Digital Marketing Campaign today!

MailChimp is available as a web app and mobile app for Android and iOS devices.


google-analytics-appYou can’t optimize how you spend resources available to you unless you know what is and isn’t working for you. Google Analytics is a completely free tool that gives you useful insights, like where your traffic is coming from. The tool has traffic sources broken down to each social media platform. You can use the data to identify and boost the platform that is driving you the most traffic. For instance, if most of your traffic is coming from Facebook, you will be able to verify that fact and allocate more resources to the platform.

You can also add UTM parameters to social media posts to identify the more successful ones. Google’s URL builder can help you create unique UTMs for each of your posts. Once you have created them and set-up conversion tracking for your social media posts, you will be able to track your posts’ success. The mobile version of Google Analytics can be a quick means of tracking the progress of your social media activity when on the go.

You can access your Google Analytics dashboard on Android and iOS devices.

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