You already know that there’s no simple answer to this question. I will however, attempt to delve into what you can expect to get for your hard-earned bucks.

What should I expect?

Consultants offer all types of services, from full-on Marketing Plans to social media marketing help. They can help you with advertising, help you put CRM (or database) management in place, provide content to use on your website… In fact, they can help you build your online presence with a website, social media and the ever-important SEO!

What’s A Fair Hourly Rate?

That will depend on some of these aspects…

  • What type of services you need or want. Consulting, coaching, mentoring or full-on “take it over for me!” services. Do you need to start at the beginning, and develop a marketing plan? Do you need a new website? Are you just discovering Social Media but don’t know how to begin?
  • How much experience do you require? You’ll pay more for someone who has years of work under their belt, but could possibly get by with someone who has a big social media network.
  • How fast do you need the work completed? Be prepared to pay up to a 25% add-on charge for rush jobs.
  • Is this a one-time gig or will you want a long-term relationship? You should ask about discounts for on-going services.

Hourly Rates for Online Marketing Consultant Services with RRPR

Though I usually charge by the project, I use the following hourly rate schedule when putting together my marketing proposals. These fees are based on a one-time client contract with a one-time project.

  • Marketing Consulting: (including Marketing Plan development) $80/hour
  • Marketing Coaching/Mentoring: $75/hour
  • Strategy Session: $75/hour
  • Social Media Marketing: See my 4 Levels of Services here
  • Content Creation: $45/hour (I charge by the article for on-going writing)
  • Website Design help and populating: $45/hour
  • Website Management: $40/hour
  • Search Engine Optimization: $60/hour

The fees noted here are general hourly fees, but as I stated, most consultants will work on a project basis. I am certain that I can develop a project that will fit your budget. Please Contact Me for a free initial consultation.